David Haas Financial

Our Company: David's Philosophy

In the past it could be said that the difference between advisors was their products, but the evolution of the independent advisor has leveled the playing field and now more than ever the product that an advisor provides is service. That is why we are a service oriented firm as our team has a combined 50 years experience helping serve our clients.

My focus is to continue the tradition that my father started long ago, which is based on the philosophy that the only person who can give you a job is a customer. As an independent advisor my role is to be your advocate when dealing with the investment world and to help you navigate your way to investment success.

I help working families plan for their children’s education and allow them to pursue their retirement goals. I assist retirees in seeking an income stream they cannot outlive, while keeping their independence and dignity in retirement, and to ensure that their children can maximize the legacy that their parents have left to them.

I utilize professional money mangers to handle the day to day investing of my clients’ assets, many of which have managed investor money for decades.

I believe that expenses have a dramatic impact on investment success, so I offer my clients the option to compensate me in three ways that are available to advisors; on a commission basis, an annual percentage based fee, or an hourly fee and retainer.

I am different from some advisors in that I do not advertise. In fact this website is the totality of my advertising campaign. Consequently, I do not devote the 30% of time and 30% of revenue that many advisers spend to attract clients. Thus, I am able to charge much less than some of my competitors while still providing the same level of expertise and a high level service. After all, the best advertisement is a happy customer!

In the end I strive to provide my clients with a compassionate partner in their quest to achieve their financial dreams.